Early Childhood Education

Expanding early childhood education is a core issue to assist working class families in New Jersey. Families are often forced to choose between having a second income used to pay solely for the cost of child care and/or pre-school or having one parent stay at home. This affects all aspects of the economy, but more importantly may lead to children being less prepared for Kindergarten. With the amount of money we are spending on State taxes and real estate taxes, we can afford to expand pre-school programs to all children.

Renewable Energy

What can we do in New Jersey to become a renewable energy leader?

In New Jersey we need to invest in renewable energy.  We currently face two major proposals for traditional energy sources that are opposed by the citizens. The first is the proposed power lines in the Middletown, NJ area. The second is the natural gas pipeline. When these utility monopolies receive the bulk of the subsidies and have the bulk of the politicians in their pockets, we need to elect people who are focused on the future.  And the future is renewable energy.

Making College Affordable and Taking on Student Debt

Within the last ten years, total student debt in our economy has more than doubled and now exceeds $1.2 trillion. Nationally, nearly 7 out of every 10 new graduates of four-year colleges are in debt, and these indebted graduates carry an average balance of nearly $30,000. New Jersey’s class of 2015 graduated with an average of almost $19,000 in debt.  Student debt has surpassed credit card debt, car loan debt, and home equity lines of credit to be the second largest source of consumer debt.

And this is not just an issue for borrowers: It is holding our economy back. This debt prevents people from forming families, buying homes, and starting small businesses. It sends the wrong signal to future students whom we need to complete college to drive economic growth.

Right now we cannot look to the federal government to tackle the reform of the back breaking educational costs in this country.  We need our state representatives to do what we can at the state level.  

Small Business

New Jersey is home to some of the greatest minds in history, including Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison, and for those who will follow in their footsteps. We have a tradition of fueling innovation, offering crucial ladders to prosperity. In Monmouth County, we train the entrepreneurs of tomorrow in our Nationally ranked High Tech HS, a public vocational school - Voted #16 in the 2017 US New & World Reports - Best High Schools in America.

MOM Rail Line

The Project

Monmouth, Ocean and Middlesex counties together represent a significant region - a place to live, work, and engage in recreation. How the transportation system is managed and improved will influence the kinds of benefits as well as the impacts that growth will bring. Will travelers have choices in how they get to work or to recreational venues? Will local and longer-distance travel increasingly mean traveling on roadways that are congested for longer periods of the day? Will multiple modes of transportation be available to provide convenient travel to and through the region?

Answers to these questions will influence the economic vitality, ease of access and mobility, and the quality of life for the region into the future. To identify potential capital investments that may be made to address them, NJ TRANSIT is preparing an Alternatives Analysis for this three county region, which examines nine options for restoring passenger rail service to this area, as compared with a baseline alternative. To ensure eligibility for future Federal funding, the MOM study will follow the requirements and procedures prescribed by Federal Transit Administration (FTA). These include: definition of alternative improvements to address unmet transportation needs, identification of their potential social, economic, or environmental impacts, and standardized evaluation of their benefits and costs in relation to a baseline alternative consisting of reasonable low-cost measures that address the same needs (see The Study Process below). Once a Preferred Alternative is selected through a defined screening process tied to the goals and objectives, a Draft Environmental Impact Statement will be prepared for that alternative.


New Jersey’s Stagnant Economy

New Jersey’s Stagnant Economy

Misplaced priorities and corrupt wasteful spending have long been the status quo for Senator Bob Singer, and his Christiecrats in Trenton. We need to rebuild New Jersey’s economy to make it work for all of us, and not just the privileged few. If elected, I will work hard, and take the necessary steps to get New Jersey working for the people again. 

Gun Control / Violence

Senator Bob Singer, and his republican cronies have continuously pandered to the special interests of the NRA, putting our communities at risk. Violent crimes have been on the rise, and Senator Bob Singer has been silent. We must do better to protect our communities from the dangerous consequences of gun violence.

New Jersey’s Lagging Environment

New Jersey’s Lagging Environment

We must make responsible and bold decisions to make New Jersey a leader in the green economy again. People like Senator Bob Singer supported legislation to withdraw us from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) which put NJ at risk, slowing down our progress, lowering emissions, and risking pollution to our air quality.

New Jersey’s Broken Housing Market

Every New Jersey resident deserves access to affordable housing. With some of the highest property taxes in the nation, we have to develop a comprehensive plan on how to  keep people in New Jersey. Senator Bob Singer, and his rich friends have let taxes, and foreclosure rates SKYROCKET. Under his and Christie’s FAILED leadership, New Jersey’s credit rating was dropped 11 times! 

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