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Early Childhood Education

• We must make preschool available for every 4-year-old in New Jersey. Currently only some districts have limited programs. There may be a lottery or there may only be part time pre-school programs. We need to have full time programs to prepare children for Kindergarten and give them proper socialization skills. This will also ease the financial burden on families who cannot afford full-time day care until their children start Kindergarten.

• We must increase child care investments so that working class families can afford high-quality child care. The cost of child care has increased during the past decade, while the wages of working families have stagnated. Child care has become more important than ever before—both as a critical work support for the changing structure of our families and as an essential component of a child’s early development. These high costs severely squeeze working class families, prevent too many children from getting a healthy start, and act as a disincentive for parents to stay in the workforce. Amy will propose legislation to make the cost of child care a tax deduction. This will directly put money back in the hands of working class families. It will make the choice for parents to return to the workforce financially less burdensome.

Amy is the mom of two kids. One is currently in middle school and the other attends full-time pre-school. She understands the cost involved of raising two children. Like many of you, she is writing that check every month to pay for her son to have quality child care. For years she has advocated for tax breaks for working class families to make child care more affordable. For years, her advocacy has fallen on deaf ears. Unfortunately, many of our lawmakers are out of touch with the issues faced by many of us on a daily basis. Amy will be an advocate for all working moms and dads.

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